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Friday, September 4, 2015

Skull Jeans 5010XX 6X6 Slim Tapered fit

We are glad to announce that another new brand on board - Skull Jeans. Skull Jeans is founded by Mr . Yamazaki Hiroshi. In 1994, Mr Hiroshi founded the mother company of Skull Jeans - Fab Four (yes, it is inspired by the famous Beatles cover band - Fab Four). In 1995, Mr Hiroshi founded the brand Alchemist which is a brand that focusing on Jewelry and leathers. In 2 years time, Mr Hiroshi gained more and more experience and inspiration in fashion industry. In 1997, he launch the brand - Skull Jeans. Skull Jeans is with a history of 15 years making the finest denim in Japan. Not only great in quality, the logo of Skull Jeans has been a icon in fashion industry. The skull logo actually inspired Don Ed Hardy and leads to his own brand - Ed Hardy.

This time we bring in one of the most classic model from Skull Jeans - 5010XX. It is using a 14.5oz Skull jeans self develop denim. The special thing about this denim is it is using a Pima cotton. Pima cotton is a kind of luxury cotton. It is extra long fabric and will provides extra strength and comfortableness for the jeans. The denim is a 6x6 model that means they are hard to bust with a super deep indigo dye. The denim is in a slim straight fit and some awesome details. Especially the double skull in the red tag is so rock star.  

Name:Skull Jeans 5010XX Slim Tapered fit

* 100% Pima cotton (One kind of most luxury cottons in the world has long fibers and provide extra strength and comforts for daily wears)

*  14.5oz Japanese orange ID selvage denim

*  Grand indigo dyed

*  Deerskin leather patch

*  Silver coated copper buttons

*  Hidden back rivets

*  Heavy canvas inner pockets

*  Roped beltloops

* "Twin Skulls" red tab

*  Low rise / Slim Tapered fit

*  Made In Japan

Size: 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36

About Shrinkages :

* Cold Soak --   0.75'' in the waist  ;  1.25'' in the inseam 

* Warm Soak/Cold Machine Wash --  1.25'' in the waist ;  2'' in the inseam 

* Warm Machine Wash --  1.75'' in the waist ; 2.75'' in the inseam 

Price: $320AUD ($352 Tax included)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Flat Head 1002 Slim Tapered fit

We just received The Flat Head 1002 which is 16oz version of 3002. The denim feels slightly rougher and heavier if you compare them with 3002. The indigo is also darker which will age more slowly to a bigger contrast fade .

Name: The Flat Head 1002 Slim Tapered fit

* 100% cotton

* 16oz Japanese pink ID selvage denim (The fabric is heavier and rougher textured compare to 3XXX and also the indigo is darker ,ageing to a bigger contrast fade)

* Iron buttons Fly

* Copper hidden back rivets

* Goatskin leather patch

* Roped belt loops

* The arcs of back pockets are chain-stitched  by skilled Japanese artisans

* Mid-low rise/Slim Tapered fit

* Made In Japan

Size: 29,30,31,32,33,34,36,38

NOTES:  The Flat Head 1002 denims are unsanforized which will shrink 3% ~ 8% with different washing processes 

* Cold Soak ---- 0.75'' in the waist ; 1.25'' in the length

* Warm Soak/Cold Machine Wash ---- 1'' in the waist ; 1.5'' in the length

* Warm Machine Wash ---- 1.25'' in the waist ; 2'' in the length

* Hot Machine Wash ---- 1.75'' in the waist ; 2.25'' in the length

Price: $360AUD ($396 Tax included)

The Flat Head Horse Oil

Today we would like to introduce  the Ace for leather care: The Flat Head Horse Oil , made by Japan's world famous horsehide and cordovan expert: Shinki Leather Co. This horse oil contains wax which will give a waterproof surface for your leather goods and enhance the natural sheen of your leather goods. The horse oil also comes with a sponge for your convenience for application.

Name: The Flat Head Horse Oil

* Horse oil mixed with Japan wax, grape seed oil, Vaseline and paraffin wax

* Perfect leather conditioners for all the high end leather products

* Clean the leather surface thoroughly before application

* NOT suitable for suede type of leathers

* Store at cool places to prevent from melting

* Made In Japan

Size: 85g

Price: $50AUD ($55 Tax included)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Iron Heart 666S Slim Straight fit

Iron Heart 666S in stock. Another new model we receive from Iron Heart, the 666S is using a 18oz raw material custom made by Iron Heart company. The denim is in a grand indigo dye with a slubby surface. After long time in use you will see them aged nicely with some "uneven dots fade". Since it also belongs to 666 series, the denim is in a slim straight fit. As we all known Iron Heart start with manufacturing motorcycle gears. It usually give you a rough and wild brand image. But if you looking into their details you will be surprised. The 666s is also with Iron Heart's signature "belt loop sewn in waistband" design. Even if you check out the inside of front pocket, you will see a reinforcement tape on the opening, so you forget your concern of front pocket wearing out. No matter you looking for a heavy duty denim or a new motorcycle jeans, 666S will be a great choice.  

Name:Iron Heart 666S Slim Straight fit

* 100% Cotton

* Grand indigo dyed

* 18oz red selvage ID rough textured Japanese denim

* Hidden back rivets

* "The Works" customised copper buttons

* Tanned cowhide leather patch

* Selvage side seam fly construction

* Herringbone twills inner pockets

* Poly/cotton stitchings

* Mid-high Rise / Slim Straight fit

* Made In Japan

Size:  29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38,40

About Shrinkages :

Coak Soak: 0.5'' in the waist ;  1'' in the inseam 

Warm Soak/Cold Machine Wash:  1'' in the waist ; 1.75'' in the inseam 

Warm Machine Wash: 1.5'' in the waist ; 2.5'' in the inseam 

Price: $380AUD ($418 Tax included)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Quality Socks

Name: Momotaro "GTB" Socks

* 100% Cotton

* Slowly knitted from old machine

* Made In Japan

Size: Free (size 7 ~ 11)

Colors: White ; Black ; Red

Price: * Each one for $30AUD ($33 Tax included)

           * Any two for $50AUD ($55 Tax included)

Name: Iron Heart 8'' Heavy Socks

* 100% Cotton

*  Slowly knitted from old machine

* Made In Japan

Size: Free (Size 8 ~ 12)

Colors: Black ; Gray

Price: * Each one for $40AUD ($44 Tax included)

           * Any two for $70AUD ($77 Tax included)

Denims We Restocked

We just restocked The Flat Head 3012 ; Momotaro 0305-C & Momotaro 0305-18

Momotaro X Ultraman UM014 Natural Tapered fit

Momotaro X Ultraman UM014 Natural Tapered fit in stock. It is quite rare to see Momotaro's collaboration, and this time, Momotaro collaborate with classic Japanese si-fi television series - Ultraman (ウルトラマン). This collaboration is based on a "happy accident". As we know that "Momotaro " is the Peach Boy whose name is Taro. One of the Ultraman name is also Taro. The Ultraman series started in 1966 and this year is the 50th anniversary of Ultraman, so Momotaro company come up with this collaboration project. 

For this collaboration project, Momotaro is using the 14.7oz signature "Cooper Label" fabric with a peach color selvedge. All the details are custom made. The leather patch has been custom design and mad exclusive for this project, even the back lining and inner pockets has been custom printed with Ultraman logos monogram. The back pockets has been printed with Momotaro's "Going to Battle" stripes and Ultraman Taro's logo. It also comes with canvas dust bag for those who want to collect. The jeans is in a natural tapper fit. And it is limited quantity available in both our Sydney and Melbourne stores.  

Name:Momotaro X Ultraman UM014 Natural Tapered fit

* 100% Cotton

*  14.7oz Japanese peach color ID selvage denim

*  Grand Indigo dyed

*  Vegetable tanned cowhide leather patch

*  "Peach" engraved copper buttons

*  Medium weight canvas linings for back yoke

*  Hidden Back rivets

*  Roped belt loops

*  "Momotaro" & "Ultraman" Symbolic patterns are discharge printed in the back pockets

*  Peach color inseam stitchings

*  Free canvas dust Bag

*  Once washed

*  Natural tapered fit

* Made In Japan

Size: 28, 30, 32, 34, 36

Price: $330AUD ($363 Tax included)