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Friday, December 12, 2014

Momotaro "Peach Camo" Mountain Parka

We were not planning to update this killer Momotaro "Peach Camo" Mountain Parka in Australian summer time. However, the weathers of this year is a little bit weird especially we have the cold summer in Sydney and Melbourne. we do think so people need some nice light weight outers for cold summer this year so that is why we like to share it with you today . 

The original shape of front pockets  of mountain parka should be squared but Momotaro change them as hidden side pockets which make it easier to place your hands in front and store your small gears when you need to . Also the double zippers design make the mountain parka more functional and fashionable in look as well. 

We believe it will sell out very fast before Christmas due to the cheap pricing point ,high quality and fashionable design!

Name:Momotaro "Peach Camo" Mountain Parka

* 100% cotton

* Japanese herringbone twills (which is slowly loomed from old machine)

* Peach Camo pattern is discharge printed (which will fade gradually with wears and washes)

* Front hidden side pockets

* Double Zip Up

* Gauze linings for body & herringbone twills lining for sleeves

* Copper buttons

* Chain stitching Run Offs

* Slim fit

* Made In Japan

Size: 38(M),40(L),42(XL)

Price: $240AUD ($264 Tax included)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Full Count 1108 6 Months In Use

Six-Months-In-Use means something for a pair of raw denims. Yes, my Full Count 1108 is 6 months old now ^^ ~

In these 6 months, I wear them 5~6 days /week and washed once every two months . It does not mean that I knee for big contrast fades then I wear them that kind of hard . The only reason is Full Count 1108 provides me somer super comforts in daily wears so I just like to wear them regularly without any stress. In these 6 months, they do feel even more comfortable than my other chinos... It sounds weird however it is what I feel like at this moment . It goes with me to travel to Japan and also many flights from Sydney to Melbourne ... They become my second skin now and I do love to wear them in Australian hot summer especially for COMFORTS^^

The Real MCcoy's "USS Duncan" Tee

Name:The Real MCcoy's "USS Duncan" Tee

* 100% Cotton

* Medium weight tubular fabric (which is slowly loomed from old machine)

* Discharge printed graphic design (which will age gradually with wears and washes)

* Ribbed crew neck & sleeves

* Regular Fit

* Made In Japan

Size: 36(S), 38(M), 40(L), 42(XL)

Price:$110AUD ($121 Tax included)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Flat Head X Hard Bird " Skull Paisley" Loopwheel tees

We have restocked black color of Flat Head X Hard Bird " Skull Paisley" Loopwheel tee twice in these three months and this time, we would like to introduce you the white colorway and also we restocked black color again in this month (it should be the final restock for the black color as we think ) .

Name:Flat Head X Hard Bird "Paisley Skull" Loopwheel tee (White)

* 100% cotton

* Medium weight Japanese loopwheel fabric (slowly loomed from old machine)

* three needles construction for the crew neck 
   two needle construction for the whole body

   (this technique will helps the tee lasts the shape more than 10 years)

* Made In Japan

NOTES: this tee is sanforized which will only shrink 0.5'' in all dimensions and will stretch back will wears

Size: 38(S), 40(M), 42(L), 44(XL)

Price: $120AUD ($132 tax included)

Flat Head X Hard Bird "Stars" Cuffs

We always tell our customers that accessories are necessary especially in the summer time . We just receive the Flat Head X Hard Bird "Stars" Cuffs are really amazing. The leather is some UK bridle which has been waxed has more sheen especially after a while in use. And also they go along with beautiful crystal and silver studs which the design is simple and classic ! 

Name: Flat Head X Hard Bird "Stars" Cuff (Natural Tan)

* UK bridle cowhide leather (which will age to darker colors gradually with wears)

* Black crystal

* Silver studs

* Made In Japan

Size: S, M , L

Price: $140AUD ($154 tax included)

Name: Flat Head X Hard Bird "Stars" Cuff (Black Coated)

*Black coated  UK bridle cowhide leather (which will appear some original tans gradually with wears)

* Black crystal

* Silver studs

* Made In Japan

Size: S, M , L

Price: $140AUD ($154 tax included)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Iron Heart 21oz Denim Cap

Cap is always a interesting accessory. It can be small, it can be big. It can be an accessory for matching your outfit, it can also be purely functional. What if you ask for both? What if we tell you there is a cap that you can custom its shape by your own?

Here is the Iron Heart 21oz Denim Cap. The 21oz denim material is from Iron Heart’s signature denim 634S. it makes sure this cap can be an item you can pass to your grandchild : ). Also, to make this cap comfortable, the inner of the cap has been brushed. 

On the back, Iron Heart company use the 0.5cm original tan leather and oxidised brass buckle as the adjustable strap(from 57cm to 62cm). 

On the front, Iron Heart company use a soft peak, so when users adjust the leather strap, it is very easy for them to adjust the shape to whatever they like. The cap will look like it is customised for you own. 

Also, the whole adjustable construction makes the cap can be turn to any shape you like, super easy to put it into a small square and just tuck it into your pocket. it is just purely functional, with great artisan quality!

Name:Iron Heart 21oz Denim Cap

* 100% Cotton

* 21oz Japanese selvage denim

* Adjustable vegetable tanned leather strap

* Brushed interior

* Made In Japan

Size: free (57CM ~ 62CM)

Price: $110AUD ($121 Tax included)